Website Design and development

Simple or complex?

We always strive to do our best and leave nothing to chance. Whether you need a simple landing page for your specific marketing campaign or a complex e-services portal, you can be sure that we will look after you every step of the way.

Communication online

We start from the questions “Who for?” and “Why?”; from understanding the needs of your client. And after that we come up with all the online communication on your website.

UX / UI Design

Did you know that every button you click when browsing the web was designed by someone?

At CodeProud we understand that the architechture and navigation of your webiste, app or system is of paramount importance. Many hours are dedicated to make the user interface of your solution visually appealling and as user-friendly as possible.

White label

We are open to work with you as a ‘White label’ company, if that is what you need.  This means that we will design and implement the solutions under the umbrella of your brand, without your clients being aware of our involvement in the project.

Our approach

It’s simple – in all our projects, we think of and focus on three key areas

What makes us Consultya ? 


Before we start our work, we ask “What is the purpose

We focus on the logic of processes, especially communication, on the architecture of the information and on a positive user experience. This approach ensures that our solutions are fit for purpose and that communication stays comprehensible.

Project without misunderstandings

Effective two-way communication with the customer is key to a successful project. Do you prefer Slack or teleconferencing? Everyday status updates or a weekly session? We adjust our work to your methods or we suggest the best ones tested on similar projects.

Test, test and test again

All our software solutions are thoroughly tested. We design and run 3 kinds of tests: penetration, functional and usability tests. For the best results!

Some of our Projects

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Quiet Dreams Apartments

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