Mobile Design & Development

Intuitive applications for smartphones and tablets

Mobility = freedom

Your every client carries the web in his pocket. Use this fact bringing him the apps that make business process simple and the entertainment longlasting. We design and develop Android and iOS apps thinking about all the details.

iOS + Android

We specialize in mobile apps for iOS and Android. The tools and games we design work perfectly on smartphones and tablets and are capable of utilising all kinds of device features, including the accelerometer, the geolocation, the camera and the proximity sensor

UX / UI Design

How can you tell that an application has a well-thought-of user interface? It’s easy – you can use its basic functionality straight away and you discover its advanced tools as you use it, just when you need them. This isn’t everything, however – the application must also be easy on the eye. Code Proud’s graphic designers keep this in mind at all times, which is why our products are loved by their many users.

White label

We are open to work with you as a ‘White label’ company, if that is what you need.This means that we will design and implement the solutions under the umbrella of your brand, without your clients being aware of our involvement in the project.

Our approach

It’s simple – in all our projects, we think of and focus on three key areas

What makes us Consultya ? 


Before we start our work, we ask “What is the purpose

We focus on the logic of processes, especially communication, on the architecture of the information and on a positive user experience. This approach ensures that our solutions are fit for purpose and that communication stays comprehensible.

Project without misunderstandings

Effective two-way communication with the customer is key to a successful project. Do you prefer Slack or teleconferencing? Everyday status updates or a weekly session? We adjust our work to your methods or we suggest the best ones tested on similar projects.

Test, test and test again

All our software solutions are thoroughly tested. We design and run 3 kinds of tests: penetration, functional and usability tests. For the best results!

Some of our Projects

Software Licensing

Realize the full potential of software licensing

Realize the full potential of software licensing

Consultya software licensing executives are authorities in our partners' programs and their frequently missed benefits. Plus, they can help you with agreement negotiations as well as license and compliance management. Since Consultya licensing executives work for you, not software publishers, we concentrate on eliciting the highest value for your organization.

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