MADARESS is a mobile application that connects teachers, parents and students together by using an amazing features

​Madaress Allows parents to review “attendance information, behaviour levels, current and historic school reports and progress in the core subjects.” Parents will be able to review information on their child at the touch of a button, making teacher-parents meetings more about exploring options than reviewing levels.

If you think it is just a “teaching application”, you are wrong. This app allows parents, teachers and students to communicate and collaborate by sending messages, sharing photos, setting calendar reminders and much more. 

Madaress allows schools to make micro-communities within class level or school level. This is helpful for students to share information without private chatting.

Why Schools

Should use Madaraess

  • No maintenance fees

  • White labeling

  • Subscription model per student ( monthly, yearly )

  • No integration needed , We at MADARESS  standardized the Data. Simply, all you need just to upload your Data

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